TingYun App


TINGYUN App would discover, locate and solve all performance problems for users during application using in time, say goodbye to costumers losing.
Easy to deploy, fetch at once
  • Support 2 main platforms
  • No more modification over 3 code lines
  • All deployment works could be done in 4 minutes
  • Data visualization results appear in 5 minutes
Millisecond-level Alert
Trigger alerts while threshold reached via mail and SMS
Intelligent Data
Reveal monitoring data and problem reports with multi-dimensional intelligent analysis
Code-level Location
Locate actual error URL, backtrack directly towards crash stack information.
Lightweight Deployment
Just two lines of code required for deployment, related data could be checked at once.


TINGYUN Network monitoring checks simulate real users accessing Web applications, allows operation and maintenance staff to find out network bottlenecks and locate the actual causes affected user experience.
Just confirm the monitored URL, no need additional deployments, create and manage monitoring tasks flexibly. Simply steps, monitoring data all in your hand.
Monitoring and Alert
Multi-type monitoring implements and real-time fault alerts.
CDN Evaluation
CDN acceleration effectiveness evaluation.
Quality of Links
IDC Machine Room network links evaluation.
Competitive Products Analysis
Peer websites contrastive analysis.
They are all using TINGYUN: