Tingyun Behavior Analysis

Provide complete user behavior data analysis capabilities

Provide comprehensive user behavior data analysis capabilities

Tingyun Behavior Analysis provides abundant user behavior analysis models, which can accurately analyze user portraits, user scenarios, user paths, user events and other data.

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real-time collection of user behavior sequences

Restore the user’s real scene through the behavior sequence and correlate the application anomaly data, and drill deep into the crash and stutter during the application use process.

Application conversion and churn analysis

Understand user behavior trends in real time with event analytics, build event funnels to stay on conversions from viewing items to payments, and analyze churn with anomalous data.

Mini Program Behavior Analysis

Based on user path analysis, it ensures the user experience in each scenario, correlates the performance of the page, that is, the availability, and analyzes its impact on the change of user behavior path, so as to provide key data support for the operation optimization strategy.

Mobile app pre-launch test tracking

The core business process is scripted through an automated test engine to simulate real user actions, and performance data is collected in real time and automatically summarized and analyzed. Let business people understand the user experience of their own business from the user’s perspective.

User experience behavior analysis

Mobile app user experience and behavior analysis

Mobile app user experience and behavior analysis

Record the sequence of user behavior in real time, restore the real scene of user operation through session playback, analyze the transformation of core processes and present user behavior preferences, and optimize the user experience based on user behavior data.

Mini Program Analysis

Mini Program user behavior analysis

Mini Program user behavior analysis

Real-time statistics and summaries of Mini Program access data, scene analysis, sharing and dissemination, etc., to help relevant operations and other personnel gain insight into user engagement and behavior changes at all stages of the activity.

Apply anomaly analysis

Mobile app anomaly tracking

Mobile app anomaly tracking

The whole process of user operation trajectory tracking, when the application crashes or severely freezes, according to the user operation trajectory to understand the entire process before the crash occurs, to assist R & D personnel to locate and deal with abnormal problems.

In-depth analysis

Apply performance insights

Apply performance insights

Combine user behavior data to deeply analyze application performance and usability, and help business personnel to discover abnormal situations such as user interaction experience and key services in real time from the user’s perspective.