CDN monitoring

By simulating user access, Tingyun provides a complete third-party solution for CDN quality monitoring, CDN acceleration effect evaluation, CDN node quality evaluation, CDN selection optimization and other scenarios, so that CDN quality is no longer a black box. CDN Acceleration Effect EvaluationCDN

CDN accelerated effect evaluation

By actively monitoring the CDN acceleration effect, comparing the differences in CDN performance, we can determine whether the CDN acceleration effect is up to expectations, so that the CDN service is more transparent. And can quickly locate CDN common problems, get satisfactory acceleration results.

CDN selection

CDN selection

Tingyun Network cooperates with customers to create a fair and just comparison environment (the same monitoring node, test cycle, file, sample points, etc.) to compare and evaluate multiple CDN vendors, and confirm which CDN vendor is good through data quantification.

CDN Selection Report download CDN Quality AssessmentCDN

CDN quality assessment 

By analyzing the quality of CDN hosts, including: performance, availability, host coverage and other indicators, the vendor’s CDN performance data is objectively displayed, and test reports can also be provided to customers, so that customers can conduct CDN quality assessment.

CDN Quality Assessment Report Download


CDN tuning 

Tingyun Network active CDN monitoring can analyze and locate CDN host performance, error reporting, configuration policies, domain name resolution, content updates, and CDN network links, and provide optimization suggestions.

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