Tingyun DevOps solution provides full-link monitoring capabilities for DevOps value streams, promotes collaboration between R&D, testing, and O&M personnel, pays attention to the effectiveness and flow efficiency of value streams at different stages, and ensures the health of value streams.

improve CI/CD efficiency

Increase CI/CD efficiency

Introduce APM tools during the dev-test phase to make code performance and exception information clearly visible in functional and performance testing, identify and locate performance bottlenecks early, and avoid or reduce rollbacks after going live.

Starting from the user side, application-oriented monitoring

Starts from the user side and monitors for the application

From the perspective of user experience, performance monitoring can find 40% more problems than traditional monitoring solutions.

Quickly locate full-stack problems and reduce O&M costs

Quickly locate full-stack problems and reduce O&M costs

Different departments, unified data kanban, quickly locate problems to reduce communication costs. Monitoring using AI technology at the same time not only simplifies the complexity of cloud computing, but also improves the stability, scalability, and speed of applications and infrastructure.

Ensure release quality and efficiency

Focus on the value stream throughout the life cycle

In the entire value realization cycle of the software, we pay full attention to the effectiveness and circulation efficiency of the value stream at different stages, make up for the shortcomings of the conventional DevOps solution, and ensure the health of the value stream, that is, the health of the business.

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