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Network monitoring and competitive product analysis are realized through dial-testing

Network monitoring and competitive product analysis can be realized through synthetic monitoring

Tingyun Network can monitor the availability and performance of website pages, interfaces, business processes, network links, and CDN nodes by synthetic monitoring method, and provide competitive analysis data based on user experience and performance dimensions.

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Network Link Fault Location

is based on more than 300,000 real user nodes around the world, and real-time active dialing test of network link conditions of IDC and cloud hosts is used to help users find network link problems in the first time and take the initiative to warn.

CDN Quality Assessment

Monitor and evaluate CDN services and transparently quantify CDN service quality. Quickly locate CDN common problems, intelligently optimize CDN scheduling strategies, and maximize cost-effectiveness.

Stress Test

Simulate high concurrent access in the real network environment to maximize the simulation of real service peaks, stress test the system and find bottleneck points to ensure the health of the system during peak service periods.

End-to-End Performance Monitoring Consolidation

Combined with the Tingyun APM support to trace the problem from the network side to the server side, whether the application problem occurs on the front end, outside the firewall, or the back-end cloud data center, you can conduct in-depth root cause diagnosis.

IPv6 Test

Using real users’ PCs/mobile phones and other devices, we automatically test IPv6 websites, monitor the access performance and availability of IPv6 websites, and compare IPv6 and IPv4 performance.

mobile terminal dial test

Without any system modification, the performance and user experience of mobile applications can be actively monitored. Assist in discovering problems with your app and restoring and reproducing fault scenarios so that you can quickly locate the cause.

Network monitoring

Network link fault location

Network link fault location

Monitor the network link situation of IDC and CLOUD host, and provide data support for users in the early selection. When the network is abnormal, the failure time routing information is recorded to help users quickly locate the fault.

Competition analysis

Competitive analysis from the perspective of real users

Competitive analysis from the perspective of real users

Monitor the application performance of your friends to help you locate your position in the industry. By analyzing and monitoring data, timely and efficient adjustment of IT investment, to maintain industry leadership.

Reference: How to write a valuable competitor analysis report?


Alarm service

High-efficiency intelligent alarms

High-efficiency intelligent alarms

Intelligently configure multi-level alarm thresholds according to custom performance indicators, support SMS, email, WeChat and other alarm methods, grasp fault information in the first time, and provide accurate basis for rapid diagnosis and decision-making.

Transaction monitoring

Critical business process monitoring

Critical business process monitoring

Users register, browse items, add carts, place orders, and monitor customers’ critical experiences. Run transaction scripts in a real browser that is consistent with the keyboard and mouse actions of your real users.

IPv6 testing

Performance comparison between IPv4 and IPv6

Performance comparison between IPv4 and IPv6

By simulating user node access and comparing the performance gap between IPv4 and IPv6, testing the network latency and routing link information of operators in various regions of the country to IPv6 hosts, and cooperating with enterprise IT personnel to test IPv6, the IPv6 project was successfully upgraded.