Observability, intelligent O&M, and business health protection

Observability, intelligent O&M, and business health protection

Full-stack real-time performance management and intelligent O&M of big data help realize the observability and health protection of business systems.

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Observability, AIOps and business health ensurance

Observability, intelligent O&M, and business health protection

Full-stack real-time performance management and AIOps based on big data help you realize the observability and health ensurance of business systems.

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Business Health Ensurance

Our ensurance services help customers’ business health

In the annual major events such as “Spring Festival Gala”, “Double Eleven” or stress testing for health code, bank disaster preparedness drill, Tingyun ensures the stable operation of business systems during the peak period of business for customers, and provides on-site support services. Through the analysis of real-time monitoring data, we can discover problems in time, put forward optimization suggestions, and coordinate relevant manufacturers and technical personnel to reduce the impact of business interruptions.

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what can we do?

What can we do?

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Improve Your Digital Competitiveness
  • Locate Faults in Seconds
  • Improve O&M Efficiency by 10 Times
  • Locate the Problems Accurately for 100%
  • Reduce Business Risk for 60%

Accelerate digital transformation

Improve your digital competitiveness

Quickly locate faults in seconds

Improve O&M efficiency by 10 times

100% accurate location of the problem

60% reduction in business risk

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Provide different monitoring perspectives for different roles, and build the observability of business systems through full-stack monitoring of user experience, network quality, application performance, and infrastructure performance.

We collect user experience data in a combination of active and passive methods, and can analyze user behavior, helping you quickly build a user experience monitoring system and locate related user experience problems.

Provides full-stack monitoring for DevOps, promotes collaboration between R&D, QA and O&M personnel, pays attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of different stages of DevOps to ensure the health of value streams.

Accurately measures and gains insight into the impact of real user experience and IT anomalies on the business, digitally displays real-time changes in key business metrics, and quantifies the value of IT technologies and services from a business perspective.


AIOps Solutions

AIOps solutions

Build People Oriented Intelligent IT

Help enterprises digitalize, simplify the complex IT world, and give deep insight into problems to accelerate business innovation and make collaboration efficient.

Tingyun has been focusing on AIOps field for many years, and has obtained Gartner authoritative certification for many times.

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Full-stack observability platform

Full-stack Observability Platform

Build Full-stack Observability Monitoring Platform with Traceing

Tingyun full-stack observability monitoring solution comprehensively covers the end-user experience, application performance, business performance, infrastructure, cloud platform and other IT environments, and analyzes the user experience and application performance in real time. Through synthetic monitoring, you can understand system defects in advance. Through full data acquisition, full-stack traceability and intelligent analysis, the observability of the system is comprehensively improved.

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Industry Recognition

Industry recognition

Tingyun has been affirmed by Gartner in terms of influence, innovation and support capabilities. In the future, Tingyun will focus more on technology and services to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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