Tingyun VisBoard

Improve data perspective through multi-source data visualization analysis

Improve data perspective ability through multi-source data visualization analysis

Tingyun VisBoard can ingest data from multiple sources, providing a unified display of metric data, tracing data and log data, helping enterprises improve the observability and data perspective ability of the system, in order to assist you make business decisions.

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Rich data access methods

Data access can be accessed to other platforms, and the current data access types include APIs, CSV, and databases (MySQL, SqlServer, DB2, ORACLE, PG), etc

Flexible and rich library of components

  • Provide hundreds of rich 2D and 3D cool components, adding more rich content to the large-screen display
  • The large-screen display style and configuration mode are flexible and rich, and the style, appearance, data, size, etc. of the components can be flexibly configured
  • Compatible with open source Echart and Higcharts platform components to meet individual needs

Templates are diverse

  • Provide a wealth of industry templates, users can freely choose
  • Relying on the tone listening to the cloud Wukong platform, the template does not need to be configured, and the data is accessed with one click
  • From creation to use, the 30s can present a large data visualization screen, helping digital visualization scenes to land quickly

Free DIY

  • Whether it is technology or business personnel, they can DIY the large screen according to the business usage scenarios and usage needs
  • Components can be dragged and dropped, laid out, scaled, easy and quick to get started, to create their own / enterprise exclusive large screen

Easy to share

  • Support account and URL sharing
  • Support encryption, validity period limits and other special settings to make sharing easier

Digital transformation

Assist enterprises in digital transformation, and the visualization ability

to meet the business perspectives of different scenarios helps enterprises to digitally transform and meet the visualization capabilities of business perspectives in different scenarios

Help enterprise managers, business management and other roles to quickly realize the business situation can be felt and visualized, assist in judging trends and decision responses, and quickly build a visual monitoring system.

Real-time data display

Overview of global daily performance data performance, real-world monitoring of O&M status

Overview of global daily performance data performance, real-world monitoring of O&M status

Provide a complete data visualization monitoring platform for enterprise users, display the status of various IT indicators in real time, and locate problem bottlenecks with one click

Activity Guarantee

Important activities guarantee Important

activities guarantee

The Tingyun data visualization monitoring system can guarantee the important activities held by the enterprise, monitor the service operation status of the backend, the business of the front end, and the indicators in the activities, and customize the exclusive operation guarantee screen