Microservices Managment

The Tingyun microservices governance solution is an effective supplement to the microservice governance platform and microservice governance framework, which can quickly discover and track the microservice call chain, monitor the performance problems of microservice components in real time, and effectively reduce the difficulty of microservice governance.

https://www.tingyun.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/microservice-governance-1.png multidimensional perspective topology

Multidimensional perspective topology

Automatically sort out the topological relationship between business, application and service, and identify the problematic monitoring object by color, you can directly trace the problem monitoring object to find the root cause of the problem.

Smart AssociationsIntelligence

Intelligent correlation analysis

Automatic service discovery updates the list of microservice applications and service interfaces in real time, and automatically establishes a dynamic baseline for all discovered services and service interfaces, assesses health in real time, and warns in real time.

Light probes, plug-and-play

Light probe, plug and play

Light probe, one-click deployment, no code modification, no need for log output acquisition method parameters, custom embedded code acquisition business method, detailed tracking data recording.

Full data collection, no dead angle monitoring

Full data collection, no dead angle monitoring

Full data collection ensures the integrity of the call chain and can track every transaction of each user.

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