Tingyun BPI

Analyze business data with non-intrusion

Tingyun BPI allows you to analyze business data in real time in a non-intrusive manner. It can associate user-side performance data with server-side performance data, and associate IT resource performance with business availability, so as to you can optimize the performance of business systems easily.

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business process automatic identification analysis

Automatically correlate each step in the business process, and statistically measure the flow of the business process, the time consumed and the execution of each step. Support flexible query filtering, accurately restore the flow and execution process of business processes.

automatically identify user behavior

Automatically monitor interface interaction events, identify each user’s operation, and obtain the performance data and business data of all application components on the front and back end of the operation and the call chain. Support multi-dimensional query filtering to accurately restore the processing process of each business.

full-stack data association

Integrate all the performance data and business data of the interactive events of the client (Web, App, Mini Program) and the transaction call chain of the service side, so as to achieve full-stack drill-through traceability, multi-dimensional statistical analysis, and intelligent detection and alarm.

custom business metrics and chart visualizations

Simple click, drag and drop can flexibly query custom business indicators in multiple dimensions, and all charts support drill-through viewing of application performance and user experience data that affect this business indicator.

preset multi-scene analysis kanban board

Based on the business operation and maintenance experience of various industries and multiple scenarios accumulated by Tingyun, a large number of commonly used analysis kanban boards are preset and used out of the box.

instrumental query engine

Provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-use tool-based query engine with flexible custom metrics and visualizations. For personalized indicator statistical requirements, development is no longer necessary.

The system is associated with the business

Measure the profit and loss relationship

between IT operating status and business indicators Measure the profit and loss relationship between IT operating status and business indicators

Tingyun Business Analysis effectively correlates back-end application performance data, front-end real user experience data, and key business indicator data, observes the business gains and losses brought by different user experiences from the business dimension at any time, and promotes business innovation and IT performance optimization in a timely manner.

Metric management

Flexible and efficient business indicator analysis

Flexible and efficient business indicator analysis

Tingyun Service Analysis realizes flexible custom business indicator configuration function, which can be used without the need to develop buried points, flexibly and quickly realize the measurement analysis and visualization of business indicators, and associate business indicators with application performance data and user experience data, so as to gain insight into whether business fluctuations are affected by application performance and user experience at any time.

Business restore

100% restoration of the business site, 100% restoration of the timely traceability

of the business site, and timely traceability

The Tingyun O&M monitoring platform supports multi-dimensional search and filtering of single services/individual users, quickly restores the status information during service execution (including the client’s interaction events, page data, request data, and all parameter information of the server-side transaction call chain), and restores the business execution process in a full-stack manner, helping users quickly troubleshoot and locate business problems.

Process management

Business Process Effectiveness Management

Business Process Effectiveness Management

Tingyun Business Analytics provides a series of performance monitoring metrics for the operation of the business process itself (such as: the average time consumption of the entire process, the average time consumption between any two steps, the current flow to a certain step and the completed business volume, etc.) to measure the business process performance, and measure the business process efficiency by the application system performance indicators that process the business process (such as error reporting rate, average execution time, etc.). Helps you manage business process effectiveness from multiple levels such as business flow and system operation.