Tingyun Log

An excellent commercial alternative solution for the open source ELK log analysis system

An excellent commercial alternative solution for the ELK log analysis system

Tingyun Log is an excellent commercial alternative solution for the ELK log analysis system, which supports log data collection for all kinds of formats, log data cleaning, and provides log searching, log auditing, log traceability and so on.

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full life cycle management of log data, safe and controllable

Full collection of log data in the IT environment, real-time monitoring of data collection status, to ensure the security and accuracy of data collection; The data storage adopts the hot-warm-cold hierarchical compression storage scheme to reduce storage costs and meet policy supervision and safety audits.

comprehensive real-time monitoring of alarms, and quickly identify abnormalities

Real-time monitoring of the operation of various system resources and equipment in the IT environment, alarm event logs in seconds, to help O&M personnel quickly find abnormalities, assist in troubleshooting.

visualized O&M analysis, and assisted operational decision-making

The unified log management platform effectively analyzes the log data after parsing, and improves the efficiency of obtaining log data value. Share data to third-party data analytics platforms to meet the data analytics needs of different departments.

Basic monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Provide a stable and efficient monitoring system for complex IT environment infrastructure such as on-premises IDC and cloud services, and realize cross-platform IT resource monitoring, security management, and cost control.

Log analysis

Application log analysisApplicate

log analysis

Based on the large number of logs generated during the operation of the application, the application performance analysis is carried out in real time, and the log data is combined to track and optimize the application quality in a timely and comprehensive manner to improve the end-user experience.

Unified management

Log unified managementLog

unified management

As a unified log center, you can centrally manage logs from multiple data sources. Help users conduct efficient retrieval and analysis, quickly locate problems, and enhance the value of data.

Tandem analysis

Serial analysis

with APM data and serial analysis with APM data

Through the user experience, automatic discovery of application call links, and code performance visualization capabilities provided by APM, and the correlation analysis and diagnosis combined with log data, fault location and root cause diagnosis can be completed more accurately and efficiently, improving O&M efficiency and reducing failure time.