Product Panorama
Tingyun can help you achieve a full-scale visualization of application performance. From the user's perspective, data monitoring is carried out on the entire link, and intelligent operation and maintenance based on AI technology can be realized to help you quickly locate and solve problems, and improve your digital operation and maintenance capabilities.
Core Competency
Tingyun has focused on the field of application performance management for more than ten years, dedicated to provide innovative IT management services from a user perspective. Tingyun provides complete and intelligent operation and maintenance management solutions about application performance for different industries.
  • DEM
    Digital Experience Management(DEM)
    Perceive the business process experience of enterprises from the user's perspective, find out the third-party factors affecting the business, all CDN quality problems of cloud manufacturer, front-end page code problems, and App hidden dangers to ensure the SLA of enterprises.
  • 一体化监控
    Integrated Monitoring
    Tingyun integrated monitoring platform is a set of real-time monitoring and big data intelligent analysis platform covering the full stack of user side, network and server side.
  • AIOps
    Simplify the complex IT world, discover hidden problems, and accelerate business innovation to achieve intelligent and efficient collaboration between people and systems, and empower enterprises with intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities.
  • 业务运维
    Business O&M
    Correlate application performance and business operation indicators in real time, and allow customers to more effectively evaluate the digital performance of business on various channels to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.
  • 全栈溯源
    Full-stack Tracing
    In a complex application environment, Tingyun can accurately locate the root cause of network, mobile, browser, and server performance problems, in order to achieve complete business tracing and reduce cross-department troubleshooting communication costs.
Through professional technical capabilities and rich industry experience, Tingyun can develop solutions based on customer business, thereby helping customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Guarantee application quality in rapid and continuous iterations, and different teams can view a panel with the same data and metric.
  • Effective metric system helps developers measure and compare application performance between different versions.
  • Real-time monitoring to reduce failure time.
  • Locate and trace problems easily.
  • Optimize user experience, improve business transactions, increase users' brand favor and product stickiness.
  • Support business growth through optimizing or solving performance bottlenecks.
  • Ensure your customers always have a smooth experience on key business processes.
  • Reduce costs through optimization.
  • Guarantee VIP user experience and key transactions, provide better user experience target baseline and management methods to avoid losing users due to falling behind the same industry.
  • Get to know the live broadcasting experience of real users in real time, supervise the live broadcasting experience of third-party CDN quality assurance, pay attention to important back-end services, and inform the first time if there is any problem
  • Retain all on-site evidence such as screenshots of live users being hijacked and DNS hijacked to the ISP.
  • Understand the real-time access experience of nodes to replace the manual inspection.
  • Sort out the system architecture and the call relationship clearly, so that the system can be managed and changed easily, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources and reduce costs.
  • Real-time monitoring can eliminate the user experience problems caused by performance, such as the loss of users due to invalid clicks on ads.
  • Quantify R&D, O&M assessment indicators to make assessment more effective.
  • Establish effective project assessment standards and acceptance standards.
The common choice of thousands of well-known enterprises
Tingyun serves thousands of enterprises at home and abroad, helping them continuously optimize system performance and user experience, and improve user satisfaction and enterprise competitiveness.
Serving all 15 airlines in the top 15 in service scale
Electric Power
Serving large power groups such as State Grid
and China Southern Grid
Serving China Mobile, China Unicom
and China Telecom
Market coverage rate exceeds 70%
Serving 9 of the 18
representative commercial banks
Online Education
Serving 7 of the top 10
companies in market share
Serving 11 of the top 20
companies by market share
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